Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Te Hokinga Mai o Hoiho performance

Tē Reō Show

Last term my school was lucky enough to be visited by the Ugly Shakespeare theatre. They performed a show always speaking in māori, translated by a lady named Crystal Lee.

The show was about a lively young girl named Mia and her friends, Hoiho and Wheke. The story began in the Arctic with the threesome cleaning the ice but Hoiho was feeling homesick and wanted to go back to Aotearoa to see his whanau. Mia decided they would go back to Aotearoa. Traveling through the ocean on a whale the friends were caught in a storm but that was only one of the hold ups they had. There were dancing gods and Judge Kumara to contend with as well! Overall it was an amazing show about Te Reō māori.

By Bailey Miller


  1. Kia ora Pod 5 and particularly Bailey. My name is Becks and I do some work with your teachers, to help them learn more about using digital technologies (computers, ipads, blogging) to support your learning. I think this writing is great, it gives a good description of the show and it makes me wish I had been able to see it! What was your favourite bit?

    1. Thanks, it's hard to pick my favourite part but I think I liked the dance battle between the two gods was the best part.

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  2. Nice writing Bailey, I loved how you explained the details and how the story went.

  3. Nice writing Bailey and yes it was a great show

  4. That was a super cool show