Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My Shoes

I was learning to retell a story
My shoes
The boy thudded down the footpath, he was coming my way, what should I do. He sits, but he isn't  happy, in fact he looks troubled. I want to say something, anything but I can't, I wave but he still just looks down and then he is gone. Sitting by a tree he pulls off his shoes and is making them talk, but it makes him more sad. Now he is muttering something I can't hear. Where am I, who am I. Shaking I pull myself up, I don't fall instead I take a few steps and then a few more. I CAN WALK! I run and run and run some more. But then I hear Gran “ Hello time to hop in your chair.” The boy looks confused. And then he is gone wheeled away by Gran.
By Bailey

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