Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My Shoes

My Shoes
By Jayden Steward

Swinging on a bench, I'm having flashbacks at people laughing at my ridiculous shoes with holes in the front of them. Wondering how long people will notice and laugh at me. Moving away I walk over the bridge looking at the reflection in the water of my cut, ripped and shredded shoes. Walking along the path I see a kid with really nice clothes and shoes but he seems not to be moving? I sit down on the other side of the bench.I look down looking at my shoes he gives me a friendly wave. I sit down against a tree and start to talk to my shoes. I say "I wish i could be like him" 3 times then some how I'm in the place of the boys body but I'm disabled I can't move my legs. Then a lady comes and says sorry I'm late. I hear the other boy jumping and cheering as I'm wheeled away

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  1. Very good writing Jayden I feel sad for the poor guy but you have to be careful what you wish for