Wednesday, 2 November 2016

“Goodnight Johnny Cake and don't let the ghosts come in.”
I shivered at the thought of ghosts hovering just above the ground. I went to sleep very quickly and it felt like I was falling. “Thud,” I felt the ground scream as if it was another person. Suddenly, there were ghosts looming over me, their breath chilling to the bone. Running, I looked back only to find myself tripping over a grave. “Hey, watch it Buddy!” In movies zombies had torn clothes and green skin but these zombies were in suits and pale white skin. As they walked out out of the grave, I knew even though they were still they were about to pounce. Sprinting away, I could feel my ankle throbbing from tripping on the grave . I burst through a door and into a skeleton’s  house and they were not happy . “Who do you think you are mister?!” Soon enough I was backed up against the wall. I thought it was a dream... until he touched me.

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