Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Why Cat and dogs don't like each other
Cats and dogs were friends once. They are always playing together.they were playing when a little kitten said it was going to be a competion who can meow or bark the loudest.Anoucment competion day.The cat stepped up first MEOWWWWWWW! then it was the dogs turn WOOOOOOF!the dog won the Dimond crown hip hip hooray the crowd said.
SUDDENLY THE CAT SCRATCHED the dog and stole the crown. and she hid in a empty sewage pipe and the cat and dog have never seen each other since.
The same old crowns still  sits on the cats wall . And 3 years later the cat and dog met a again the dog saw the crown on her head he was so angry and ran away and never seen since.


  1. love your stroy

  2. Wow that's amazing who knew that, that would be the story behind it