Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Halloween writing

Killer clown

Sitting outside I say goodnight to my granny, I lay by her grave as tears trickle down my face. I remember the fun times we used to have splashing in the pool, going for nice walks with the dog who lay beside me head on my lap, sulking like a baby. It was a Halloween night so I said my last goodnight words to granny and ran to get ready. When all of a sudden aaaarrrrgggghhhh I ran faster than I ever had before, Wait a minute that's a killer clown, this time I ran faster than a tornado destroying the world, dodging trees, jumping fences and even running across busy roads. I know it's dangerous but hey do want me to die. The killer clown had a running chainsaw in his hand and a knife in his pocket. Halloweens not meant to be that scary is it? After about half an hour of running for my life I found I had done the loop and was nearly back at my house. I looked behind me and there were cop cars and Sirens going off, cops were running after me what!! I saw the dead clown on the ground along with two cops, I gotta get outta here I said I could see my house in the distance so I headed towards it. When I arrived I opened the door, mum came and hugged me like I'd been gone for years.
“Where have you been”said mum
“Um a killer clown was after and ……”
By the time I had told her the story the cops were knocking on the door seeing if I was ok and announcing the clown will be locked up for a long time. The two police men came in and had dinner with us as I told them the horror of my life. I will never go trick or treating ever again.

By Aliesha

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