Monday, 19 September 2016

My shoes

My shoes
I was learning to prottend that I was in an other persons shoes.

I was a young boy sitting on a bench and a group of boys walked over to me and started laughing at me because my shoes had wholes inside them. So I got up and went for a walk around the park and sat down at a bench and I noticed that there was an other boy across from me he smiled and waved at me. I looked down at his shoes and then at mine I stood up and walked over to a tree sat down and took off my shoes. I put my hands inside them and prottended that they were alive. I said "I want to be like him."three times and my dream came true only it wasn't a dream come true I found out the boy couldn't walk. So I was stuck as a boy that couldn't walk then I heard loud chearing with joy and it was the boy that couldn't walk he was so glade that he could walk and run.

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